The Põltsamaa project was an exciting challenge for us. Our main goal was to appeal to a younger audience that doesn’t conform to traditional stereotypes, like the notion that only women are stay-at-home moms or primarily boys play video games. We knew we had to break free from the norm and create something fresh, relevant, and inclusive to achieve this. 

We took the time to research and analyze real-life data to gain a deeper understanding of the changing shift in gender expectations. Armed with this knowledge, we challenged the brief and crafted a campaign that resonated with our target audience. It’s possible to be both playful and impactful at the same time. 

Eesti väitlusselts

We are thrilled to have partnered with Tark Valija on a dynamic campaign to promote civic engagement and increase awareness around the upcoming elections in Estonia. Our team of creatives collaborated closely with the client to develop a series of visually captivating short videos designed to capture the audience’s attention and highlight the significance of listening to politicians’ promises.

With a keen eye for audiovisual storytelling, we challenged our reputable partner agency, ACube, to bring the campaign to life. Our mission was to encourage people to pay attention to what politicians were saying and actively participate in the democratic process.

By working closely with the client, we developed a campaign that resonated with the target audience and achieved its goal of increasing awareness and engagement on a pressing political issue. The result was a campaign that demonstrated the importance of civic participation and highlighted voters’ vital role in shaping our democracy.