Although the roots of our Creative Studio lie deep in campaign and content creation, we also craft long-term strategies and brand identities.

For us, it's all about shape-shifting — whether you're creating something new or transforming existing. We love companies that reach out to us in times of change. Legacy brands need to be engaging in authentic cultural dialogue with the next generation, too.

Our Magazine arm is your passport to the vibrant, hyper-local cultures shaping tomorrow's trailblazers.

We believe, that to lead brands into genuine cultural dialogues, we’ve got to live and breathe those principles too. We’re about exploring culture, shifting mindsets, and having a blast while doing it. With fresh ideas, we're here to ignite your imagination and enrich your life.

We give a shit

And we want people to do so, too. We want to create value, we want our work to matter, we want to contribute to a better world, and we want your brand to leave an impression. Most brands are stuck in a monologue. In order to make people care, we need to walk the talk. What we do, what we stand for, what kind of value we create, are infinitely more important than empty slogans.

Were always changing

Agencies proclaim to be creative partners, and yet so few ever stray off the beaten path. You cant preach innovation if youre a beacon of stagnation yourself. At Trickster, were always questioning the status quo, and whether this is the right way forward. As such, we find second guessing to be a virtue, a sign of high self-awareness.

Were immersed in culture

Theres a good chance that a child creates more relevant TikTok material than your business does. We know that but we dont pretend to know everything. As such, we dont feel the need to do everything ourselves. In fact, it would probably be detrimental to your success. Instead we include culturally relevant people from all around us into our creative processes. Much more so than your average agency who's trying to keep the expenses in-house.

Were thinking ahead

We devise strategies and drown ourselves in data. For us, thats the bare minimum. But it also comes down to hiring principles. Only with the right people, are we able to point out the connections that are actually culturally relevant. Agencies tend to hire young creatives and mold them into perfectly boring subordinates in record times, without learning anything themselves. At Trickster, its a two-way street. Here, untamed thinking, with a supportive shoulder of experience, becomes a shape-shifting force.

Marcus Neiland
CEO / Partner
Karl Altraja
CCO / Partner
Anne Vetik
Creative Director
Camilla Sundvor
Loreta Sindi
Diandra Rebase
Art Director
Maris Põrk
Art Director
Elina Kuhta
Henrik Raktin
Sander Lakiza
Digital Marketing Specialist
Anneli Tandorf
Account Manager
Jonna Lisa Nõmmik
Account Manager
Aili-Maarja Mäeniit
Account Manager