Sportland Kõrvemaa


Neatly hidden in the Põhja-Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve, Kuuse Concept Houses embody the characteristics of quiet luxury. Here, guests have the freedom to either indulge in peaceful relaxation or embark on an active vacation. For those seeking excitement, a plethora of activities await at the adjacent Sportland Kõrvemaa Hiking and Skiing Resort.


Inspired by the legendary late sports journalist Lembitu Kuuse, the brands story seeks to relay his passion for sport and an active lifestyle. The houses are a nod to the legendary man whose impassioned support helped to raise an entire generation of sports lovers.

Embodying the essence of the surroundings, the identity is rooted in the graceful silhouette of tree-shaped houses set against the backdrop of nature's bounty. This aesthetic seamlessly transitions into the interior design, where a luxurious atmosphere greets you in the midst of untouched wilderness.