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adidas Originals

Gazelle, Samba, and Superstar all started in sports and have seamlessly entered the heartbeat of culture around the globe. adidas asked creatives Silver Mikiver and Veera Gontsugova to show their unique ways of styling these iconic models. And they delivered big time.

Gazelle, Samba, and Superstar have not only achieved cult status over the years but their design and style have been lovingly passed down through the generations, becoming timeless statement pieces that evoke a sense of nostalgia and appreciation.


We gave content creation to influencers in chief, Silver and Veera, and they showed us how to get premium content. At times its best to let creatives get creative. Community members want to be part of the brands story. So let them.

Silver Mikiver, a photographer, was one of the influencers in chief of content creation for @adidastln. Samba, Gazelle, Superstar.

We sent him to an exploration on styling these models. And he answered with self-portraits! Of course. Going back to the roots of adidas — sports. Whether skateboarding or basketball – Impossible Is Nothing.

adidas gave us three Originals Samba, Gazelle, and Superstar and @cchernichka gave us playful ways of styling them, back.

We asked Veera, product designer and art director, to make sense of these models in her unique way. Go crazy. Get inspired. She returned with jewellery-pierced adidas Superstars, as well as a proper styling session.

Veera reminiscing:

"This one image for @adidastln features the black 3-striped playground from a hood in my hometown Narva. This series brought me to that state of mind. One of the cameras I use now is the same model as my family's first camera when I was a small kid, doing photoshoots for My Scene dolls. Later in my teenage years, I remember taking pictures of my new sneakers by adidas Originals and how the photo was featured in a local streetwear magazine. It was a big deal. I really like full circles and noticing how I grow. The concept of playing can be really uncomfortable for an adult mind, but it is essential for evolving creatively."