Campaign Content Creation
adidas Originals

Fashion is so much more than just clothes: it can be a layer of inspiration, a platform for empowerment, or just a way of genuine expression. We felt that adidas Originals is a brand that could stand behind this expressive ethos.

We ran a fashion exhibition with fringe artists from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania using adidas Originals deadstock as inspiration and raw material. These exhibitions took place in public malls and were available for everyone to see. Our only brief to the artists? You do you.

Photo by Marii Kiisk
Examples of Social media Meet the Artist posts. From left to right g_o_h_a_r_a / Laivi / Celestialvirgin
Photo by Marii Kiisk

Sometimes you need to loosen your iron grip as a marketer,
and just let creators create.

Photo by Marii Kiisk

After the exhibitions, we held auctions for the art pieces involved. The proceedings were given to local artists and contemporary museums. One of the sculptures was even banned and removed from the public. That alone is always a great compliment and sign of cultural relevance.